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Hi there. You seem to be adding a large number of stubs for films. Admittedly these films do have animated anthropomoprhic animal characters, but it doesn't make sense to have an article about each of them if one line is all that there is to say about them. It would be more useful to have one page that summarized all of this information for a series.

If you just want to write about animated films, it would be better for you to contribute it to Wikipedia, or a film-specific wiki, rather than a wiki about furries, because many non-furries can contribute to and would be interested in such articles.

In addition, you keep adding commas to titles before "(film)", which is not correct grammatically. GreenReaper 15. maj 2013, 07:48 (CEST)

Again, I must ask you to take your film project elsewhere. This is not just a place to dump information about animated films and their creators copied from Wikipedia. This is a wiki about Furry fandom, the community of fans of anthropomorphic animals. Material unrelated to this topic, or which duplicates content better maintained elsewhere, is likely to be removed. There are many wiki hosting services which may be used for personal projects. GreenReaper 20. maj 2013, 19:17 (CEST).Thomas Funck
You were warned. All pages have been removed. GreenReaper 4. jun 2013, 10:07 (CEST)

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